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Hi ellarigu nanu mysore hudga, settled in abroad. Yearly once India ge bartini, next mid of 2024 alli barana ankondidini

This happened when i was working in IT in namma bengaluru.

Hudgi hesaru beda… lets call her sam, she is also from mysore.

Nan bengaluru alli ond room madidde in 2019, i was staying alone there. Me and my friend, we are foodies and we used to go out and explore cafes, chats in bengaluru. I used to update food pics on insta, one day she replied to me saying “en yavaglu hudga jothene irtiya, hudgir yaru ilva anta” so i said nange hudgir friends illa. Then she asked gf ilva anta, i said nam hudgur famous dialogue “namgella yar biltare” and then we had a casual talk how are you, what are you doing and stuff. After a month and half, she texted me saying that she got a job and shifted to bangalore and said lets catch up sometime. I said great ok, will meet up. We exchanged our numbers.

After a week she called me and asked me that can she come to my room as her roommate in pg snoors a lot and she had a tiring day she needs good sleep, i said no cant because house owner is strict, its hard to sneak you in and out, she froced me and then i got convinced, she told me to pick her up from pg, which was almost 10 km from where i lived, i said ee trafic alli nan bandu allige pick mafi vapas barad badlu.. nine auto alli ba anta, she said no and forced me to come, so i put on jacket and my helmet and i went near to her pg and hi hello how are you ella aytu…. bike mele kutkondlu. ( i must say she is not that beautiful, but lakshana agidlu eega channagila, migraine tablet tagond tagond avlu dappa agidale and now she is married, she has big boobs, i dont know about the measurements ), we both started heading back to my room, avag avag break adaga avl boobs nange touch agtittu, swalpa hot admele nange antkonde kutkondlumanege hogo vargu aval boobs nan bennige appacchi age ittu.

We reached my room, somehome i got her sneaked into my room and we were having a chat. Avlu bed mele kutidlu, nanu bean bag mele kutidde, movie nodana anta andlu, i had few movies on my laptop, i forgot which movie we were watching, so it was a single bed adralli ibru kal needkondu akka pakka kutkondu laptop tode mele itkond movie nodak start madisvi. Tumba congested ittu jaga, nan left kai na aval hegal mele hakde comfort agi kurbahudu antaavl swalpa cross agi nan kade trun agi kutlu so that nange jaga agli anta yakandre nan tumba tudi alli idde, we started to watch movie, avlu nan side ge turn agi kutidrinda, avl right boobs nange touch agittu, nangu swalpa dick hard agittu, ibru nprmal age idvi, then i wanted to smoke, i lighted up a cigarette she said she never smoked and asked me to teach how to smoke she tried but she coughed and i finished smoking. I went to bathroom and sat on bean bag…. she said nidde bartide malgana anta, i siad ok, avlu nan bed mele malkotini anta andlu… nanu ok ande… nin el malgtiya andlu nanu bean bag mele malgtini ande, nan sumar sarti idr mele nidde madirtini its so nice ille malgtini ande, parvagilla nine bed mele malko ba andlu, then i felt ivat eno agutte pakka anta. Bed mele hode lights off madi malkondvi…. it was very conjested as it was a single bed.

Nan ande nan kai mele malko anta sari hogutte anta… she said ok… hange malkond matadtidvi. Tumba close up alli idvi, aval right boob nange touch agittu, ibru face to face malgidvi, nan left hand mele avlu malgidale, my dick was getting hard, i asked her shall i kiss her, she said yes and we kissed for 10 mins and later i tried to put my hands inside her shirt to grab her boobs, she said beda anta…. yake ande ivatte beda andlu ok ande, but mele muttake bitlu, cuddle madana andlu ok ande. we started to sleep avlu ah kade tirgudlu, nan left hand mele malgidu adrinda aval right boob na grab madde, nan right hand na aval mele haki left boob na grab madde, nan tunne aval tika ke ottuttittu, we cuddled and had a good sleep, woke up with a kiss in the morning, she got freshend up at 7 am i had to drop her back again it was headache to take her out as my owner could see her, somehow sneaked her out, she sat very close to me on bike and aval boobs nan bennige appachi agittu, aval kai nan tode mele ittu avag avaga nan dick na rub madtidlu, reached the destination and she said she had a wonderful sleep and thanked me, and she was about to leave and i asked when are we next meeting, she said free adre yavagladru meet agana anta amd she left i came back and went to office.

Next est sarti meet advi, en aytu anta ill post it in part 2.

Idu nan 1st sex experience, but before this i had kissed, 2 other girls, ill share those experiences as well.


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